Simple. Effective. Perfect!

No more weekly meetings, scrambling for subs, paying for useless breakfasts, or attending mandatory classes.
And did we mention?  You get all the benefits for a fraction of the price and effort!

Tap into our network of entrepreneurs

We will match you with a BBRN group in your area.
Our members have been individually verified and qualified.  That means everyone in your group will be as eager to exchange referrals with you as you are with them.

Efficient & Cost Effective

We utilize advanced technology to eliminate redundant & antiquated processes, you get all the benefits of being part of a referral group, with a fraction of the effort and cost.

The fraternity

The vast majority of members in BBRN groups know exactly what you are going through in your business life, because they are there themselves or they have been there before.  Being able to associate yourself with a close group of entrepreneurs and draw on their experiences and knowledge is priceless!